Vital statistics
Title Zane
Gender Male
Race Nindroid
Faction {{{faction}}}
Health 10
Level High
Status Alive
Location Ninjago

Zane is a White Ninjdroid minifigure from the Ninjago theme who is a nindroid.

Description Edit

Zane appears in five different versions; as a normal ninja, as a DX Ninja, as a Micro figure, a ZX Ninja, and a Kendo Ninja.

As a DX ninja Zane has mastered his dragon and gotten special armor for it. It has a drawing of the magenta dragon on the torso that continues on to the legs.

In 2012 ZX armor was introduced. It includes a new hood and shoulder armor mold. The shoulder armor can hold two swords in the back part. His shoulder piece and hood have golden finishes to them.

As a Kendo Ninja, also in 2012, he has a new mask  showing his face. He also has the Samurai Warrior's suit on top of his original ninja outfit.


  • Zane is actually white, but this wiki is about the ninjago snakes, there woyuldn't be much information about the ninja.