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  • SpadeTheNightmaren

    Hey guys; STN here,

    I am new to this Wiki, just descovered it today. In fact I'm pretty glad I did, not because I like the content...NOOOooo...quite the opposite, unfortunately. Of the pages made for Original Characters (or, customs, as you may put it) are ALL recolors of characters that are already in existance, badly edited in MS paint or just re-hued in photoshop.

    The reason I'm glad I descovered this Wiki is that I hope to clean it up a little, now, I am not asking you to delete everything. So....don't start cussing me out or calling me stupid. I'm not trying to insult anyone here in particular, nor am I going to mention people here by name. I just wanted to make it known that Re-Colors are typically looked down upon, 'Specially bad ones…

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