The Tsuanami Tribe is a Extra Tribe of Snakes. This Tribe of Snakes went extinct as They were all eaten. Like The Anacondrai Most of the Tribe went Extinct. Except in this Tribe, Only 1 Warrior And the General Remain Alive.


The Tsunami Tribe Symbol


Wavetta, The Tsunami Solider. (Note that he is dead,Along with Swimsha)


Swimsha, The Tsunami Scout. (Note That He is Dead Along With Wavetta.)


Oceanraa, The (Living) Tsunami Warrior. (Note that he Lost an Arm)


Wavesam, The Tsunami Tribe General, Also Fangtom's Brother

General Info

Affiliation: Serpentine

Element: Water

Known Members: Wavesam, Oceanraa, Wavetta, Swimsha

Status: Extinct (except for Wavesam and Oceanraa)

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