Golden mace


9448 Samurai Mech






Snike is a part of the Constrictai army where he serves as a scout and a sniper. He will be released in June 2012. He resembles Snappa. He has Snappa's head/tail piece, short legs and a head that also resembles Snappa. His name is most likely a pun on snake, spike and snipe, as he is a sniper.He carries a deadly mace. Bio:Edit

Constrictai sniper specialist at your service. Snike's most dangerous weapon is his spiked tail, which has incredible strength to crush or strike at an enemy. It's a challenge to work as a sniper when you're slightly cross-eyed, so sometimes Snike misses his target the first few times. But hey, you win some, you lose some. He still thinks of himself as a and he is definitely dedicated to his work. He constantly practices his sniper skills on purple bog frogs and yellow overbloops. Not that he would know the difference, really. He is also colorblind.


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