Sensei Wu


2011, 2012


Bamboo Hat, Staff of the Dragons, A Really Big Stick


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He is the younger brother of Lord Garmadon who he defeated in battle over the four golden weapons of Spinjitzu. After defeating his brother, he hid each of the weapons and had a dragon of the corresponding element guard each one. He then created a map and gave it to "a honest man to hide"( Kai's father) to safe guard for him in case he died before the weapons required collecting. He can be harsh on his students but when it comes down to it Sensei Wu is just about the bravest warrior there is. He was defeated by Samukai who thus collected all four golden weapons creating a portal in Lord Garmadon's throne room. Garmadon escaped through the portal claiming that he would soon return.

Notes Edit

  • He has a nephew Lloyd Garmadon.
  • His minifigure with black kimono is exclusive to Summer 2011.
  • he"s younger than lord but he"s the one with the beard when actully lord was supposed to be the one with the beard.