The Mailman is a Ninjago minifig who has only appeared in the tv show


The mailman has glasses and a straw hat. He carries a back pack. His outfit is purple with beige highlights. He has the Lego mail service horn on his shirt.


The Mailman was first introduced in the season one episode Flight of the Dragon Ninja, He was seen climbing a mountain while the ninjas flew their dragons to see who would claim the title "Dragon Ninja". He was then frightened by the ninjas and accidently drops a package off the mountain. He later appeared in the second episode of season two, Home, giving the ninja mail. He reappeared in the episode Can of Worms climbing the "Mountain of a Million Steps". Cole and Zane who were climbing the mountain accidently drop rocks on him, this angers him and causes him to shout at them.


  • He has a yellow horn on his jacket, the same one that is on the van in the Winter Village Post Office.
  • In one episode, he is seen walking up the Constrictai tomb's staircase when Cole and Zane quickly climb past him. It is unknown why he would be going to the Constrictai tomb.


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